Life isn't about finding yourself.
Life is about creating yourself.

- George Bernard Shaw


Hi I'm Karen Ahlquist an ACC certified coach. Over time, with some effort and great coaching, I created my ideal life, one that I love.

I became a coach to help others create their ideal life.

I coach my clients through the transitions in their lives, the tough ones that challenge them and the positive ones they create. I help my clients become aware of the opportunities that surround them.

Together we tap into the personal power inside each of them – their inner HorsePower.

We work as a team to harness that power and use it to create the life that is uniquely their own.

As a coach, I bring a genuine interest in people, the ability to listen without judgment, compassion, a sense of humor and the desire to see others succeed.

Major areas of focus in my practice include increasing energy, increasing joy, decreasing anxiety, decreasing stress, achieving work/life balance, navigating life transitions, tackling challenges and creating a life that reflects your values and interests.

Additionally I offer experience in two areas:
1. Coaching clients to develop, set and maintain personal boundaries
2. Coaching family members and friends of people suffering from chronic illnesses, including alcoholism, drug addiction and mental illness.

I believe that each of us is meant to be whole and healthy in all areas of life:  physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

I believe in exploring possibilities.

I believe in being flexible and being effective.

I believe that you can solve any problem you encounter.

I believe you can achieve more success than you imagine.

I believe that you can create the ideal life for you.

My training, life and career experience enhance the coaching partnership for my clients.

I invite you to work with me.  Together we can harness your inner HorsePower and create your ideal life.

Training/Professional Info:

• I am a graduate of Coach U.

• I am certified by the International Coach Federation.

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Work Experience:

• Health care industry – medical laboratory aide

• Health care industry -  medical insurance claims examiner

• Business/Sales – owner of small nutrition and personal care business

• Education – designer and director of Mothers’ Day Out program for preschool children

• Education -  early childhood teacher at NAEYC accredited school

• Education/Business – owner/instructor of natural horsemanship training business

My experience in health care, sales, nutrition, education and business help me understand the challenges my clients face in their careers.  A common theme throughout my professional life has been my desire to help improve other people’s lives in an effective way. 

Life Experience

• Happily married for 36 years and counting……

• Proud mother of three grown children and delighted grandmother of one

• Successful survivor of multiple life transitions, including: 
several cross-country moves (complete with children and animals), career changes, financial changes, working full-time, part-time and not at all with young children at home, sending children off to college, returning back to work after being out of the workforce

• Successful survivor of multiple life challenges, including:
personal health issues, caring for critically ill family members, dealing with death and loss

My husband and I married while we were in college.  After graduation, we charged off enthusiastically to start our life.  We had two adorable small children, my beloved old horse, a tiny dog, a cheap tiny car (it had heat but no A/C or radio), a tiny bank account and some college loans.

Many good things happened to us over the next years.  We bought a house, we had our third child.  Our marriage was good and our children were happy and healthy.  We had family, friends, jobs, a roof over our heads and food on the table. 

And yet………..sometimes I struggled.

I struggled with finances – for many years we worked three jobs between the two of us to pay the bills and I cried the day we had to find my horse a new home because we could no longer afford him.

I struggled with anxiety and frustrations, unfulfilled hopes and dreams.

I struggled with the stress of constantly trying to be the best wife, mom and employee I could be.

I talked with friends and read self-help articles in magazines on how to do anything better (Get Organized!  Cook Great Meals!  Be the Best Employee Ever!).  While I got some good ideas (to this day, I can keep small children entertained on car trips without a DVD player!) I still struggled. 

This is life, my friends and I told each other.  We just have to deal with the stress and the disappointment, we said.  Not quite what we hoped for but still good, overall.

Then one of our children became seriously, dangerously sick, with an incurable illness.

The ground opened up under my feet, my heart broke and my world went dark.  I fell into a pit of deep despair.  Though I am a spiritual person and a church member, I was afraid.

Our child grew sicker.  All of the care he was receiving wasn’t helping. 

My life grew darker.

How could I survive this experience?  What did I need to do?

I was ready do SOMETHING different but I didn’t what it was or how to do it. 

I began to search for answers.  I sought out all of the resources and help I could find. 

This was a powerful time in my life –a time of discovery, of growth, of changing perspectives and tremendous learning.  A wise woman, whose son was also ill, once said to me “I would not wish this (illness) on my worst enemy but I would not give up what I have learned.”

I agree.

So what did I learn?

I learned that there was hope.

I learned that things could be different because I could be different.

I learned that for things to be different, I had to be different.

I learned how to replace fear with confidence, stress with calm, anxiety with peace.

I learned how to find joy in the midst of uncertainty and chaos.

I learned how to move from the dark back into the light.

I learned that we don’t have to settle for lives filled with stress, disappointment or sadness.

I learned how to survive and thrive in every area of my life, no matter what happens to me.

I learned how to create my ideal life – the one that fits me perfectly.

Today l live with my husband out in the country on acreage filled with woods, ponds and pastures.  We both work from home which was a dream of ours.  We have time to be with our grown children and granddaughter, and to care for our son when he needs us.  I begin and end each day out in the barn with my horses and dogs. My day is filled with coaching, a profession that I love and that allows me to be of service to others.   When I finish my calls, I saddle up a horse and go for a ride, or take the dogs for a walk around the pond.  In the evenings my husband and I sit together with our dogs snoring at our feet. Our life fits us perfectly.

What does YOUR ideal life look like?  What do you dream of?

Are you ready to move from confused to clarity, from stressed to calm, from dark to light?

Are you ready to create a life of joy and purpose that fits you perfectly?

You can do it.  I can help.

Contact me for a free sample session.  Let’s talk! 

• I love to spend time with my family and friends

• I love animals, especially dogs and horses

• I currently have 6 horses 5 dogs and a cat

• I’ve shown dogs as a non-pro handler in American Kennel Club shows around the country and owned champion greyhounds, cocker spaniels and pugs

• I support animal rescue groups and have rescued dogs, cats and horses 

• I read constantly – there are always several books on my nightstand

• I love being outside in nature.  My husband and I live on 27 acres of pastures, ponds and woods

• I enjoy traveling both inside and outside of the United States

• I enjoy going to the theater

• I love to sing and have sung in church choirs much of my life